220V AC LED Circuit

Friday, April 2nd, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

This LED circuit using 220V AC network to turn it on. LED circuit configuration consists of 24 white LED 3V DC mounted in series with a reverse configuration fordward. Configuration LEDs are lit with 220V AC power grid is intended to get the power efficiency and maximum light intensity. Selaian LEDs mounted on this circuit in the form of current limiting resistor 1KOhm 3 Watt den a non-polar capacitor 0.22 UF / 1000V. 220V AC LED circuit in detail can be seen in the figure below.

220V AC LED Circuit

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LED configuration will provide maximum power efficiency and intensity since. At the time of the peak AC voltage waveform on the fordward against D1-D6 and D19-D24 then the LED is lit on the peak reverse voltage AC waveform on the D1-D6 and D19-D24 and the D7-D12 D13-D18 in a position so that the LED fordward It lights up. With the configuration of the LEDs on 220V AC network like this then all the wave AC 220V nothing is not utilized.

NB. 220V AC LED circuit is operated on AC network voltage of 220V is harmful. Hopefully this series 220V AC LEDs can provide inspiration and benefit.

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