AC Current Sensor Circuit

Sunday, March 21st, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

AC current sensor circuit can be made by utilizing the induction system on a winding or coil. AC current sensor circuit is made with a winding on a toroid rings, the tip of the terminal is used as the output windings. Signal level resulting from the winding is then given in the non-inverting amplifier circuit. Current sensor by this method can be used to measure AC current only, because the working principle of the coil will only provide a voltage output occurs only when the magnetic field changes polarity induction course. Complete range of AC current sensors can be seen in the picture below.

AC Current Sensor Circuit

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AC current sensor circuit above can be used to measure AC current with the way the power grid (line / cable) that will be placed in the measuring current is passed through a hole or a toroid coil. At the moment there is an AC electric current is passed then there is the induction field of electricity in the wires, then the coil will produce an AC voltage whose value is proportional to the strong current that is passed. Because the voltage level of the coil is too weak then amplified by the amplifier circuit does not turn like the picture above.

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