Active Subwoofer Filter With TL062

Saturday, April 10th, 2021 - Audio

Subwoofer active filter circuit is a series of filters used to filter the audio signal will be given to the speaker (subwoofer) so that only the bass tones are entered into the subwoofer. The working principle of the circuit “Active Subwoofer Filter” This is pass audio signal with a frequency range 20-100Hz and discard the audio signal in addition to the bass frequency range. Subwoofer active filter circuit is made with TL062 Op-amp IC which have adequate slewrate low and low noise. Working voltage Active Subwoofer filter uses a DC voltage symmetrical ± 12 volts.

Circuit Of Active Subwoofer Filter With TL062

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Active Subwoofer filter circuit consists of two parts, namely the signal amplifier is controlled by a summing amplifier with an inverting op-amp the front and the active filter is controlled by the configuration and op-amp RC. In Active Subwoofer Filter series on the function of the potentiometer R3 to set the level or levels of the audio signal amplification that will be processed his bass tone. Then the potentiometer R5 and R7 (physically one unit potentiometer) function to set the center frequency of Active Subwoofer Filter.

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