Audio Level Meter AN6884

Sunday, February 14th, 2021 - Audio

The series of audio level meter is required to display the level of the audio signal on an amplifier or sound system with a display device LED flame. The series of audio level meter is also called a VU meter, but the VU meter is identical to the viewer in the form of a needle. The series of audio level meter is used as a driver IC AN6884 LED driver based on the received signal strength. Audio level meter circuit uses a voltage source 12 VDC and has 5 LEDs for display.

Circuit Of Audio Level Meter AN6884

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How to install a series of audio level meter with AN6884 IC is mounted on the output of tone control. Should the input audio signal for this circuit is taken at the point before passing the volume control so when the point of minimum volume level control circuit audio this meter can still display the incoming audio signal. In a series of audio level meters, the 10K VR function is to control the signal level coming into this series of audio level meter.

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