Circuit 10A Variable Power Supply Symmetric

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 - Electronic Circuit

10A variable power supply circuit is symmetrical in the figure below, can provide symmetrical output voltage of ± 1.2 volts to ± 30 volts DC with a current maximum of 10A. 10A variable power supply circuit uses symmetrical variable voltage regulator LM317 and LM337 then using a current amplifier transistor NPN and PNP transistors TIP147 TIP142 is able to drain currents up to 10 amperes. Power supply circuit equipped with a list of components can be seen in Figure 10A variable power supply circuit following symmetrical.

Circuit 10A Variable Power Supply Symmetric

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Above the power supply circuit using a 32 volt CT transformer 10A and diode full-wave rectifier bridge as symmetric then use the filter capacitor riple 10000uF / 40V.

As a positive voltage regulator using LM317 IC which can control a stable voltage of 1.2 volts DC to 30 volts DC. Positive output voltage regulator using 2.2 Kohm potentiometer and a positive path current amplifier using TIP147 PNP transistor is coupled common base.

Section a negative power supply voltage using a variable voltage regulator IC LM337 which is controlled using 2.2 Kohm potentiometer in order to provide a negative output voltage of -1.2 volts DC to -30 volts DC. Negative path current amplifier using TIP142 NPN transistor is coupled common base.

Variable power supply circuit 10A is suitable for use on a symmetric space experiments as giving a voltage source which can diatus as needed to complete the polarity selection and are able to supply DC currents up to 10A. Power supply circuit is equipped with short circuit protection (short circuit) and excessive heat (over heat) on the variable power supply circuit 10A are symmetrical.