Complete 70 Watt Power Amplifier Schematic

Circuit power amplifier circuit in the figure below is a schematic circuit power amplifier with output power of 70 watts and operates on a class AB. Power amplifier Circuit has been equipped with a tone control circuit. Scheme 70 watt power amplifier circuit includes power amplifer types of OCL (Output Capacitor Less) premises using a power transistor with the transistor type and TIP2955 TIP3055. This power amplifier Circuit requires a symmetrical voltage source to work. Scheme 70 watt power amplifier circuit and its components list can be viewed directly on the image following a series of power amplifiers.

Complete 70 Watt Power Amplifier Schematic

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70 watt power amplifier Circuit above consists of two parts:

Baxandall Tone Control

Tone control Circuit for power amplifier uses active tone control baxandall by IC LM301 operational amplifier. Controller tone on powerr amplifier consists of a tone control bass and treble tone control. IC LM301 front serves as a pre-amplifier and the LM 301 op-amp serves as the back of the active filter baxandall.

70 Watt Power Amplifier

Power amplifier Circuit used is a type of OCL power amplifier circuit with an output power of 70 watts. 70 watt power amplifier Circuit in the amplifier circuit above works in class AB. Power transistors used in the power amplifier is a power transistor on the type of complementary and TIP2955 TIP3055.

70 watt power amplifier Circuit above uses a symmetrical voltage source with ± 25 volt DC current 5 amps. 70 watt power amplifier Circuit is power OCL which will generate a signal spike when turned on, so it needs to be installed as speaker delay circuit protector.

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