Dot Matrix Display Image Illustration 8 × 8

Monday, May 10th, 2021 - Digital

Display dot matrix is basically a composition of several LEDs in flat form a matrix row by row and column variation  according to type. Technique using a dot matrix display can be controlled with multiplexing techniques. Where there is a separate control path between the control columns and rows of the dot matrix display. Dot matrix display can be used to create the look we desire within their characters. The following illustration displays the dot matrix.

Dot Matrix Display Image Illustration 8 × 8

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From the illustration above we can immediately formulate the technique of using this martix dot display by multiplexing technique. Because dot matrix display 8 × 8, we need an 8-lane to the control column dot matrix display and an 8-lane track controls to control the line dot matrix display. Eg using a microcontroller directly we need 2 port 8 bits of the microcontroller it is for this dot matrix display driver. Ok, that’s a glimpse of the dot matrix display, tomorrow we continued again with the technique and the driver circuit.

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