HBridge L298 DC Motor Driver

Thursday, February 11th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Hbridge driver for DC motor can be made with transistors or MOSFETs. DC motor driver IC for example in the form of the type L298. L298 IC is a DC motor driver Hbridge consisting of 2 units Hbridge drivers with the ability to drain current to a DC motor in each unit 2A. In each unit hbride L298 driver has 2 input channels and two output lines. Output lines connected to a DC motor that is controlled. And input lines connected to the control circuit, such as a microcontroller or digital device. Hbridge DC motor driver L298 can be operated in a PWM or digital logic. L298 IC can be used for drivers to 46 Volt DC motor.

Driver Configuration Hbridge L298

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The necessary control signals DC motor driver L298 hbridge above there are 3 units. Ven serves as a control line to enable or disable the driver hbride. Ven if the path is given a low logic disable the driver position, when given a high logic then enable the driver position. Input lines C and D is the control direction and speed of turn round when using PWM techniques in the control of DC motors. Application of hbridge L298 drivers are as DC motor driver for wheeled robots.

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