Heat Sensor For Battery Charger

Monday, May 17th, 2021 - Sensor/Tranducer

Function series “Heat Sensor For Battery Charger” is to decide the charging current to the battery when the battery has been over-charge and heat. I make the sensor heat like this based on one of the characteristics of the batteries that had been full of heat and if the process produces a rich charges continued batteries can explode due to over temperature. A thermistor heat sensor (NTC) which I plug stuck in the battery holder being charged. For setting the maximum allowable heat is to adjust the potentiometer P1. Then the last setting is the setting when the relay R2 Chater (On / Of kept) at the transition point of maximum heat.

Heat Sensor Circuit For Battery Charger

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Battery charger that I use a computer power supply voltage of 5V I took my battery if the series 2 units and 3V battery when I parallel 2 units. As the battery charge voltage. Then I use 12V voltage supply Heat Sensor For Battery Charger circuit. How to install heat sensor circuit for Battery Charger voltage is 5V or 3V before I connect through relay terminals on the circuit Heat Sensor For Battery Charger before being connected to the battery charged. Then I put heat sensors TH1 in the midst of both batteries and stuck with a second battery is charged.

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