Hifi Stereo FM Radio

Sunday, April 25th, 2021 - Radio Frequency

FM stereo radio circuit is very popular among hobyst electronics. Stereo FM receiver circuit has a sensitivity great reception, sound quality hifi and clean of noise. It has a stereo FM radio frequency range from 87MHz FM broadcast reception to 108MHz stereo. FM stereo radio receiver circuit can be supplied with a 9V DC voltage source where the complete range of power supply for a stereo FM radio can be seen in the figure below. In the FM stereo radio circuit there are 2 LEDs as receive indicator (LED on IC LA1260) and the stereo indicator (LED on IC LA3361). Complete range of power supply circuit and a stereo FM radio can be seen in the figure below.

Stereo FM Radio Circuit

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FM stereo radio circuit for the above in three main sections. The first part is the tuner built using Varco (variable coil) FM Tuner. The second part is a part of the IF are built using IC LA1260. The third part is the part that was built using the FM demodulator IC LA3361. In making this stereo FM radio circuit after the assembly process is completed and no errors tide first step tuning process is tuning transformer IF 10.7 MHz to receive a clear sound. Then tuning the stereo system by adjusting the VR 10K on IC LA3361 stereo until the LED turns on. Hope FM stereo radio circuit can be helpful and an inspiration in making a quality receiver assemblies.

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