Position Sensor Line Follower Robot

Saturday, March 27th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Line follower robot uses light sensors to distinguish the robot trajectory with another plane. In a line follower robot contest, the shape of the trajectory be varied which is intended as a challenge in a line follower robot contest. Line follower robot trajectory can be either black line above the surface of a flat white or vice versa. The light sensor is used as a detector trajectory can use a combination of LDR, Photo Diodes, Photo Transistors with LEDs. Technically this can be said light sensor can be used if the sensor is able to distinguish the reflection of light from the LED to light sensors at the track above the track and when outside. Position sensors on the robot line follower is determined, based on the experience of the most effective position sensor is placed in line consisting of four sensor units with 2 units of the sensor is above the track and the other two sensor units located outside the track.

Sample Position Sensor Line Follower Robot

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The position of the light sensor and LED set front and back with the aim to improve the accuracy of the reading of track so as not to widen laterally. 2 units of the middle sensor should not be set wider than the size of tracks that will be skipped. The position of the light sensor on the set of 4 units with 2 units of the sensor is above the track and 2 units are beyond the track (1cm from the track) aims to determine the execution given to the motor drive. Because execution is given to the right and left motor of some sort. The position sensor was slightly more advanced 0.5 cm accuracy readings aimed at the track is not straight.

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