Power Amplifier OCL 150W

Monday, February 8th, 2021 - Audio

OCL 150W power amplifier circuit is a type of class AB amplifier. PCB for the circuit power amplifier OCL 150W can be purchased at electronics stores with multiple brands. OCL 150W power amplifier requires a DC voltage of ± 25 Volt symmetric to ± 42 Volt, which can be made with symmetrical power supply in the previous article. For maximum results a series of audio output power amplifier OCL 150W transfomer 5A is minimal use in its power supply. Series and a list of components to make a 150 W power amplifier OCL can be seen in the following figure.

Power Amplifier OCL 150W Shematics

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OCL power amplifier circuit 150 W as shown below using a power transistor type 2N3055 and MJ2955 of its physical form as a poultice. Power transistor can be replaced with others such as transistors complement TIP3055 and TIP2955, so it can more easily in the installation of cooling power transistor for the 150 W amplifier OCL.

Component L, Ra, Rb and C on the output power amplifier OCL 150W can be waived if the speaker wires are used to short. Power amplifier circuit above is still not equipped with a power supply circuit and tone control circuit.

OCL type power amplifier circuit as shown above will cause a voltage spike at the output terminal is turned on, causing the sound of pounding on the loud speaker that can damage the speaker when it goes on and on each pad is turned on, the beat of the speaker may be prevented by installing a series of speaker protectors.

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