Power Supply 12V 3A With 2N3055

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 - Power Supply

Power supply circuit is capable of providing a DC voltage source 12 volts with a current maximum of 3 amperes. Power supply circuit uses a voltage regulator from the 12V zener diode. With a zener diode voltage regulator can not provide a large current source, because of the limited power zener diode. As a current amplifier from the limited ability of the zener, 2N3055 transistor is arranged use common base and comes with a heatsink. This power supply circuit can be given input from non-CT 15V transformer, the following picture the power supply circuit.

Circuit Of Power Supply 12V 3A With 2N3055

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In the circuit above the power supply there are some portions of which can be explained as follows:

Rectifier section using a diode bridge 5A. Using a diode bridge rectifier is used because travo travo non CT.

Voltage regulator section using a 12V zener diode. 560 Ohm resistors function as current limiting voltage source will be limited by the zener diode voltage. Resistor is required because the zener not be able to limit the voltage at low power.

Current amplifier section using a 2N3055 transistor is coupled with the concept of a common base with the base reference voltage through a zener diode.

Filter section there are three stages, namely the first stage filter after the rectifier with capasiot 4700uF/25V then filter after the regulatory process with the capacitor voltage 10uF/15V. Function as a filter capacitor of 0.1uF is pancarang yng radio frequency power supply belong to the network is 12V 3A.

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