Power Supply For Guitar Amplifier 100W

Sunday, April 4th, 2021 - Power Supply

Power supply circuit for 100W guitar amplifier is very simple, with symmetrical 35V DC output voltage. Power supply guitar amplifiers are made in four parts, the stepdown, rectifiers, filters and isolators grounding. Tranformator stepdown used is travo CT 25-0-25 with minimal current 3A. For the transformer, you should use a toroidal transformer for a more optimal results. Using a diode bridge rectifier 35A, 35A mean the use of this bridge is a remedy avoid voltage drop when repro low tone with the audio level is high, but it’s also because the price of the diode bridge who lower the price difference a bit. Filter uses 2 electrolit condensator (elco) 4700uF/50V. Power supply circuit for the complete guitar amplifier can be seen in the following figure.

The series of Power Supply 100W Guitar Amplifier

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Power supply circuit above comes with a grounding isolator, which is made with a diode bridge configuration, resistors and capacitors. Grounding circuit isolator aims to suppress the HUM of the guitar amplifier interconnect with other audio devices. Diode bridge serves as an insulator 5A chassis ground and audio grounding. Ohm resistor 10 serves to eliminate the effect of grounding loops are often the main cause HUM on the audio system. 100nF capacitor serves to dispose of radio frequencies to ground is absorbed by the guitar amplifier, especially from cable and power supply transformer on a guitar amplifier.

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