Pre Amplifier Microphone (Mic Pre Amp) 1 Transistor

Microphone pre-amplifier circuit or the mic pre amp amplifier used as front for condenser microphones. Circuit microphone pre-amplifier (pre-amp mic) serves to strengthen the level of the microphone signal into an audio signal is still weak with levels that can be used in the tone control circuit. Pre amplifier circuit microphone (mic pre amp) uses 1 transistor C828 transistor amplifier is setup as a common emitter 1 level. Pre amplifier circuit microphone (mic pre amp) is very simple with one transistor as the main component and some supporting components. And a complete range of components to create a list of pre amplifier microphone (mic pre amp) is seen in the following figure.

Pre Amplifier Microphone (Mic Pre Amp) 1 Transistor

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The series pre amplifier microphone (pre amp mic) the above can be operated with a voltage source +3 volts to +9 volts DC. Circuit microphone pre-amplifier (pre-amp mic) above has been equipped with a regulator output level (volume control) in the form of 5o Kohm potentiometer. The series of pre amplifier microphone (pre amp mic) above is designed for microphone types of elektret or condenser microphone. To use a dynamic microphone needs to be done a few changes to the circuit microphone pre-amplifier (pre-amp mic), by removing the condenser microphone resistor R 15 Kohm.

Pre amplifier circuit microphone (mic pre amp) 1 transistor is applied to the tape recorder mic amplifier or mixer simple. Source the voltage for pre amplifier microphone (pre amp mic) preferably using power supply regulated with IC and using filter who good, because pre amplifier microphone (pre amp mic) this works on level strengthening of who a high so that sensitive against the noise.

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