PWM DC Motor Driver With IC NE555

Circuit of simple PWM DC motor driver can be used to control the rotation speed 12 volt DC motor. DC motor driver circuit with PWM technique will give a much better performance than the motor speed controller based on variable voltage. DC motor driver using a mosfet BUZ11 controlled PWM output pulse multivibrator using NE555. PWM DC motor driver circuit is very simple and can be made easily because there are no sensitive components and components to create PWM DC motor driver is easy to obtain. Complete circuit and parts lists to create schematic simple PWM DC motor driver can be seen in the following schematic images.

PWM DC Motor Driver With IC NE555

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PWM DC motor driver circuit is made simple using a PWM pulse generator is set to IC NE555 astable multivibrator with a frequency of 50 Hz. Multivibrator circuit output pulse is used to provide MOSFET gate bias BUZ11. Positive pulse width (duty cycle) output pulse multivibrator schematic can be set using potentiometer P1 50 Kohm. The more positive pulse width given to the MOSFET gate pin BUZ11 the greater the power supplied to the DC motor by the BUZ11 MOSFET, so the speed of the DC motor so conversely the higher the narrow positive pulse lepar MOSFET gate bias, the lower the power to the DC motor and the slower the DC motor rotation.

PWM DC motor driver circuit can be operated with a source voltage of 12 volts DC + according to the DC motor controlled. PWM DC motor driver circuit can be used as a simple variable speed electric drill small round 12 volt DC.

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