Schematic Lamp TL With Ballast Transformer

Sunday, May 2nd, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

The set TL lamps with transformer back like in the picture below the electronic circuit can be used for the installation of fluorescent lamp. Circuit of fluorescent lamp with ballast transformer like this can be used to power any size fluorescent lamp which is used in accordance with the Ballas transformer is used. Circuit of fluorescent lamp ballasts require a transformer starter for the TL lights every time you turn the lights on TL. Starter on TL lamps in general are always attached to the fluorescent lamp circuit, but when the lamp is lit fluorescent lamp starter component can be removed. Complete Circuit of fluorescent lamp can be seen in the following figure.

Schematic Lamp TL With Ballast Transformer

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Fluorescent lamp ballast circuits using the transformer is very simple as shown in the picture above fluorescent lamp above scheme. circuits consists of the above fluorescent lamp ballasts traformer, fluorescent lamp and fluorescent lamp starter. Fluorescent lamp above scheme can be used for fluorescent lamp ballast transformers in accordance with the power used. For example, when using a 40 watt ballast transformers can then use a 40 watt fluorescent lamp or ballast when using a 10 watt transformer then can use a fluorescent lamp with 10 watts of power. circuits fluorescent lamp with ballast transformers above are universal in its assembly, form a series of fluorescent lamp does not turn to the fluorescent lamp is used, only the ballast transformer which must be adapted to the fluorescent lamp load that will be installed.

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