Short Circuit Protection for Three Phase Power Inverters

Sunday, May 16th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Introdution Short Circuit Protection

The light industrial and appliance markets are becoming more and more demanding in terms of performance and safety features. These requirements are frequently at odds with the need for lower costs due to the higher circuit complexity required. The IR2x381 gate driver family is designed specifically to protect full inverter systems composed of a three-phase output bridge and brake, replacing at least seven traditional optocoupler gate drivers with one monolithic high voltage IC. Desaturation detection of the power switch is fully integrated, increasing system reliability and drastically reducing part count and layout space. Gate driving capability is up to 540mA. The full-featured design makes this device particularly well suited for motor drive applications.

Short Circuit Protection for Three Phase Power Inverters

Monolithic 1200 Volt Three Phase Gate Driving Capability

IR monolithic high voltage technology allows the IR2x381 ICs to safely drive 110Vac to 380Vac motor drive applications capable of withstanding voltages up to 1200Vdc. The IR2x381 can drive a configuration of a three-phase power bridge with brake consisting of seven power switches.

With gate driving capability of 20V, the 350mA source-current and 540mA sink-current allow for driving a wide range of low power switches without connecting external buffer stages. The gate driver has separate outputs in each channel but brakes to add flexibility in configuring the gate charge profile. In addition, the device features a two-stage turn-on capability to achieve finer gate control.

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