Simple FM Transmitter Circuit

Saturday, February 13th, 2021 - Radio Frequency

Simple FM transmitter circuit or mini FM transmitter can operate with a voltage source of +3 volts of 2 pieces of AA batteries. Beam distance of about 50 meters is good enough for a small transmitter with a voltage source of +3 volts from the battery. This simple FM transmitter circuit is built with 2 pieces of transistors, each of which serves as a microphone amplifier and a transmitter or FM transmitter. This mini FM transmitter circuit from a given input or microphone electret condenser microphone. This simple FM transmitter circuit can be viewed along with a list of components to make the FM transmitter in the image below.

Simple FM Transmitter Circuit

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L1 is a coil of wire containers email on 1/4 inch without a core of 6-8 convolution with 0.4 mm wire email

This simple FM transmitter circuit consists of two main parts:

  • Microphone pre-amplifier section, this section serves as a reinforcement signal from condenser mic that can be mixed with FM oscillator frequencies. Mic pre-amp circuit was constructed with a 2N3904 transistor voltage amplifier Q1 1 level.
  • FM transmitter section, this section serves as a carrier frequency FM stations transmit at the same time through the antenna. The circuit is built with oscillator 1 Q2 2N3904 transistor with a frequency that can be set through C4. To get more power can replace the transistors Q2 2N3904 2N5088 without changing the value and form of the existing circuit.

Working frequency range of an FM transmitter is simple to radio frequency band 87 MHz to 108 MHz, for safe conditions should be set at the lower range of an FM radio receiver. Working frequency setting fatherly simple FM transmitter circuit is done by adjusting the variable capacitor lever (trimer capacitor) C4 to be well received on the FM frequency range. This simple FM transmitter circuit can be applied as a wireless microphone receiver with a FM radio receiver.

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