Stereo Amplifier With Tube

Sunday, February 28th, 2021 - Audio

Stereo amplifier is very simple, consisting of 5 active components including the power supplynya. Series Stereo Amplifier With Tube was prepared with 5 units trioda tube consisting of 1 unit tubes 5Y3 GT vacuum rectifier, 2 tube tube trioda 6SF5 GT high-mu tube 6k6 and 2 units which form the power beam amplifiers. Komnsumsi power for the circuit with a tube stereo amplifier is not more than 45 Watt. Current consumption for the circuit with a tube stereo amplifier is around 3A. A complete range of stereo amplifiers with this tube can be seen from the following series of images.

Stereo Amplifier With Tube Circuit

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Part List Of Stereo Amplifier With Tube

  • R1, R10, R13 2.2M
  • R2 470K 1/2W
  • 1 Meg 1/2W R3
  • R4 220K 1/2W
  • R5 330 Ohm 2W
  • R6 220K 1/2W
  • R7 2.2Meg 1/2W
  • R8 1Meg 1/2W
  • R9 720 Ohm 20W
  • R11 33K 1/2W
  • R12 22K 1/2W
  • C1, C9 400V 0.005uF
  • C2 0.05uF 600V
  • C3 20uF 25V
  • C4 0.01uF 400V
  • C5 200uuF 400V
  • C6, C7 15uF 450V
  • C8 15uF 400V
  • T1 117V Primary, Secondary 350VCT, 2×6.3V
  • T2 7600 Ohm Primary, Secondary 4 or 8 Ohm
  • SW1 SPST Switch
  • SP1, SP2 12 “4 / 8 ohm

C8 in the series stereo tube amplifier with the above serves to reduce radio frequency interference and to optimize the work of a wild series of ampifier stereo with these tubes.

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