Symmetrical Power Supply

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 - Power Supply

Symmetrical power supply circuit can be used to provide a voltage source to power amplifier OCL or electronic devices that require DC voltage source is symmetrical. This symmetrical power supply circuit is not specified in detail to the output of the transfomer is used, it is intended for a more flexible use. Symmetrical circuit power supply scheme is very simple and does not need to use the PCB to assemble it. Power supply circuit in detail can be seen in the following series of images.

Symmetrical Power Supply Circuit

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Symmetrical Power Supply Parts List

5A-10A transformer CT
Diodes D1 = Diodes bridge 5A – 35A
C1, C2 = Elco 4700uF / 50V

Voltage transformers for power supply output can be determined based symmetric device need is supplied. To avoid interference to radio transmitters on each diode in the diode bridge can be added non-polar capacitor 100nF ceramic mounted outside of the diode bridge. Value of the transformers in the circuit is symmetrical power supply can be changed as needed from the device or circuit is supplied with power supply is symmetrical.

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