TDA2003 20W Stereo Amplifier

Friday, May 14th, 2021 - Audio

This stereo amplifier using TDA2003 IC which can provide a power output of 10 Watts per channel or 20 Watts for all channels. 10 Watt output power is obtained at a load 4 Ohm speaker load. 20W amplifier circuit with IC TDA2003 this requires a source of +14.4 volts DC voltage. Stereo amplifier circuit TDA2003 IC requires only a few external components, so the overall power circuit is very simple and easy to make. Figure stereo amplifier circuit using IC TDA2003 according datasheet can be seen in the picture below.

The circuit TDA2003 20W Stereo Amplifier

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IC TDA2003 is a single chip so that with one stereo amplifier IC TDA2003 able to make a stereo amplifier as above. 20 Watt stereo amplifier circuit above is a stereo circuit, IC TDA2003 may also be used to create a mono amplifier with bridge circuit output systems are details on IC TDA2003 datasheet. Application of the amplifier with TDA2003 IC can be encountered in low-power car audio system.

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