Temperature Sensor With ADC0804

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 - Sensor/Tranducer

The series of temperature sensors with ADC0804 is an object of temperature measurement applications using the LM35 temperature sensor and data processing in the form of ADC0804. This application circuit is another form of a digital thermometer with a bar chart (bargraph). Display for this thermometer uses 8 units of LEDs are arranged in rows. The series of temperature sensors with ADC0804 series are complete with power supply circuit.

Temperature Sensor With ADC0804 Circuit

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The temperature of the object that is read by the LM35 temperature sensor is then processed by the ADC0804 into digital data. The data output of the ADC0804 is given to the 8 units of LEDs. The series of temperature sensors supplied with DC voltage 5Volt. Later as a reference voltage for the ADC0804 is taken from the output of the LM317 voltage regulator.

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