Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Unipolar stepper motor driver circuit uses a stepper motor driver IC specifically type L297 and use the power stepper motor drivers for a transistor at each pole stepper motor. Stepper motor driver circuit uses two inputs, namely the DIR input controls the direction that serves as a rotary stepper motor. Then the input clock, the input signal to the stepper motor movement in the form of TTL pulses. Stepper motor driver circuit is very simple and easily applied in the manufacture of devices that need a stepper motor.

Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver circuit

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At the output of the circuit in dumper diode pairs that serves to make the reverse voltage of the induction effect of the stepper motor to power transistor drivers safe. DIR input in the form of TTL logic 0 and 1. Then to the clock input of a TTL pulse which pulse frequency proportional to rotational speed stepper motor. To supply voltage to the IC L297 is a +5 volt DC voltage to the motor while steppernya used, in the example image using stepper motor 12 Volt.

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