16 Bit ADC With SPI Interface

Sunday, March 14th, 2021 - Electronic Component

16 Bit ADC With SPI Interface

The LTC®2452 is an ultra-tiny, fully differential, 16-bit, analog-to-digital converter. The LTC2452 uses a single 2.7V to 5.5V supply and communicates through an SPI interface. The ADC is available in an 8-pin, 3mm × 2mm DFN package or TSOT-23 package. It includes an integrated oscillator that does not require any external components. It uses a delta-sigma modulator as a converter core and has no latency for multiplexed applications. The LTC2452 includes a proprietary input sampling scheme that reduces the average input sampling current several orders of magnitude when compared to conventional delta-sigma converters. Additionally, due to its architecture, there is negligible current leakage between the input pins.

Circuit Aplication 16 Bit ADC With SPI Interface

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The LTC2452 can sample at 60 conversions per second, and due to the very large oversampling ratio, has extremely relaxed antialiasing requirements. The LTC2452 includes continuous internal offset and full-scale calibration algorithms which are transparent to the user, ensuring accuracy over time and over the operating temperature range. The converter has an external REF pin and the differential input voltage range can extend up to ±VREF. Following a single conversion, the LTC2452 can automatically enter a sleep mode and reduce its supply current to less than 0.2μA. If the user reads the ADC once a second, the LTC2452 consumes an average of less than 50μW from a 2.7V supply.

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