3 Channel Microphone Mixer IC LM348

Saturday, March 13th, 2021 - Audio

Microphone mixer circuit is used for the 3 microphone and made ​​use IC LM348. LM348 IC is used for audio mixer is working on a class AB has a high gain factor and a very low current consumption. Audio mixer circuit can be supplied with DC voltage ± 12 Volt symmetrical up to ± 15 Volts. The series of three channel audio mixer is designed specifically for the use of dynamic microphone with volume control located on each of the microphone channels.

Circuit Of 3 Channel Microphone Mixer IC LM348

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3 channel audio mixer circuit above is made by IC LM348 is set as a non-inverting amplifier. The amount of signal amplification by audio from a microphone pre amp on the audio mixer above formulated by (1 + (100K/1K)) so that the gain factor of the circuit above is an audio mixer 101 with a signal level at the mixer can be adjusted by a potentiometer on each chanelnya. Function R5, R6 and R7 on the audio mixer channel 3 above to adjust the output signal level from the mic pre amps on each channel.

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