300W HiFi MOSFET Power Amplifier

Saturday, March 13th, 2021 - Audio

The series is a 300W power amplifier hifi and use the power MOSFET output from 4 pieces. 300 Watt power amplifier requires a DC voltage source symmetrical ± 35 – ± 55 Volts with a current capacity of at least 5 Ampere. The sound quality produced by mosfet power amplifier is in the category of high end, hifi sound quality and maximum power can be generated by the power amplifier hifi MOSFET 300W this.

The series of 300W MOSFET Power Amplifier HiFi

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Image series 300W power amplifier hifi MOSFET above is a series of one channel or mono, stereo circuit need to create 2 units of 300W MOSFET power amplifier circuit above.

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