4 Chanel Amplifier With TDA7375A

Monday, April 19th, 2021 - Audio

4 channel amplifier uses an IC TDA7375A and capable of producing power 18watt output for each chanelnya. TDA7375A amplifier circuit can be used to make 2 channel stereo setup like this is often applied to sound systems in cars. That is a chnel stereo for the front and one stereo channel for rearnya. Source voltage needed for these amplifiers is 12VDC-15VDC. Amplifier circuit with IC TDA 7375A is very simple and easy to make. More detail can be seen in figure 4 channel amplifier circuit following TDA7375A.

Amplifier circuit with TDA7375A

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In the picture above series have been equipped with volume control for each chanelnya. Fund manager for the series 4 channel amplifier TDA7375A can make use of the equalizer or tone controls. To manufacture the necessary cooling for IC TDA7375A note that since the IC will issue heat.

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