5 channel Equalizer Circuit IC LA3600

Saturday, April 17th, 2021 - Audio

5 channel equalizer circuit in the figure below is an audio tone control circuit models consisting of 5 bar channel setting the tone. Equalizer circuit uses IC designed by the manufacturer Sanyo IC chip as the chip equalizer control bar models. 5 channel equalizer circuit using IC LA3600 is a fairly simple, requiring only the center frequency controls for each channel have tone control on the audio system. 5 channel equalizer circuit with IC LA3600 This need the +12 volt DC voltage source regulated. Complete the scheme and its constituent components equalizer five channels can be seen in the following figure.

5 channel Equalizer Circuit IC LA3600

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5 channel Equalizer Circuit IC LA3600 in the image above to provide maximum audio signal amplification +12 dB on each channel equalizer controls. And can perform audio signal attenuation of -12 dB on each channel tone settings on the equalizer. For setting center frequency of the tone control on each channel equalizer circuit above can be done by adjusting the values of capacitors C1 and C2 in each channel equalizer is a tone control. Equalizer circuit above is a mono tone control circuit, so as to make equalizer 5 channel stereo audio system needs to make 5 channel equalizer circuit as shown above 2 units.

Power supply for the equalizer circuit in the image above you should use a regulated power supply using IC regulator. Because the equalizer circuit requires 5 channels above the +12 volt DC source voltage power supply should use IC LM7812 regulator to source voltage of the work for 5 channel equalizer circuit with IC LA3600 is stable.

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