Analog Line Follower Robot L293D

Thursday, January 28th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Line follower robot can be made without a microcontroller. Line follower robot made ​​with analog components do not require a list of programs, so that the robot line follower base analogue is more practical to learn to make a line follower robot. Analog line follower robot circuit uses two sensors of the LDR and 2 LM324 comparator IC. DC motor driver using Hbridge L293D motor driver IC. DC motors are used 2 units, a drive wheel and a right-left-wheel drive. Analog line follower robot circuit is quite simple and use a 5 Volt DC voltage source as shown in the following figure.

Circuit Of Analog Line Follower Robot L293D

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In a robotic assembly line follower analog above all LDR and LEDs are placed in alignment with the position of the LED and LDR (LED LDR LDR LED) located above the track line of the track. Then setting up a 10K VR comparator logic can respond to changes at the LDR sensor is above the track and out of track. Left and right drive wheel should use a gearbox transmission line follower robot motion so that this analog is more subtle in following the track.

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