Analog to Digital Converter ADC AVR ATMega

Friday, May 7th, 2021 - Electronic Component

The ATmega8535 features a 10-bit successive approximation ADC. The ADC is connected to an 8-channel Analog Multiplexer which allows eight single-ended voltage inputs constructed from the pins of Port A. The single-ended voltage inputs refer to 0V (GND). The device also supports 16 differential voltage input combinations. Two of the differential inputs (ADC1, ADC0 and ADC3, ADC2) are equipped with a programmable gain stage, providing amplification steps of 0 dB (1x), 20 dB (10x), or 46 dB (200x) on the differential input voltage before the A/D conversion. Seven differential analog input channels share a common negative terminal (ADC1), while any other ADC input can be selected as the positive input terminal. If 1x or 10x gain is used, 8-bit resolution can be expected. If 200x gain is used, 7-bit resolution can be expected. The ADC contains a Sample and Hold circuit which ensures that the input voltage to the ADC is held at a constant level during conversion. A block diagram of the ADC is shown in Figure 98. The ADC has a separate analog supply voltage pin, AVCC. AVCC must not differ more than ±0.3V from VCC. See the paragraph “ADC Noise Canceler” on page 214 on how to connect this pin. Internal reference voltages of nominally 2.56V or AVCC are provided On-chip. The voltage reference may be externally decoupled at the AREF pin by a capacitor for better noise performance.

Analog-to-Digital Converter Block Schematic


Feature Of Analog-to-Digital Converter

  • 10-bit Resolution
  • 0.5 LSB Integral Non-linearity
  • ±2 LSB Absolute Accuracy
  • 65 – 260 μs Conversion Time
  • Up to 15 kSPS at Maximum Resolution
  • 8 Multiplexed Single Ended Input Channels
  • 7 Differential Input Channels
  • 2 Differential Input Channels with Optional Gain of 10x and 200x(1)
  • Optional Left Adjustment for ADC Result Readout
  • 0 – VCC ADC Input Voltage Range
  • Selectable 2.56V ADC Reference Voltage
  • Free Running or Single Conversion Mode
  • ADC Start Conversion by Auto Triggering on Interrupt Sources
  • Interrupt on ADC Conversion Complete
  • Sleep Mode Noise Canceler

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