Audio Equalizer 10 CH With TL074

Saturday, February 6th, 2021 - Audio

10 channel audio equalizer has a range of audio frequencies at the bass tones from the frequency to 31Hz and treble tone frequency to 16kHz. As an op-amp for the equalizer 10 channels uses a TL074 IC in a symmetrical supply of DC voltage ± 15VDC. IC TL074 is a low noise JFET Op-amp so the audio equlizer has optimal output quality.

Circuit Of Audio Equalizer 10 CH With TL074

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For audio equalizer circuit power supply should have the quality of DC is completely free from riple, therefore the power supply for audio equalizer should at least use a voltage regulator chip and double-capacitor filters. The quality of power supply is intended to get the audio quality and low noise output and hifi from audio equalizer 10  channel of this.

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