Audio Signal Tracer With LM386

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020 - Electronic Tools

The function of the circuit is an audio signal tracer to trace the audio signal to troble shooting time. The series of audio signal trace is essentially a low-power mono amplifier. Amplifier circuits for signal tracer uses the LM386 IC power amplifier with a supply voltage of +9 Volts DC from the batteries. The signal amplifier circuit tracer comes with volume and gain controls for tracing a weak signal. Tracer signal amplifiers in the circuit does not require a heat sink due to low power consumption and the burden that is placed too little.

Electronic Circuit Of Audio Signal TracerWith LM386

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How to use this audio signal tracer in troble shooting is by turning on the circuit via the power button then connecting the signal ground path to ground circuit tracer in the last troble shooting by touching the probe tip tracer input signal to the points that want to trace the signal.

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