Audio Tone Control 3 Band

Friday, January 22nd, 2021 - Audio

Audio tone control circuit can be used to set the tone of the bass tone 3, tone Midle and treble tones. Audio circuit 3 band tone control is built using TL072 IC for each channel. The system filters the tone used in auido 3 band tone control uses a system baxandal. OP Amp TL072 is used for building and reinforcing the front end amplifier with symmetrical supply voltage +15 Vdc and-15VDC. Complete circuit of audio tone control 3 band can be seen in the figure below.

The circuit of Audio Tone Control 3 Band

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List Component Audio Tone Control 3 Band

  • R1-2 = 47Kohms
  • R3-4-5-12-13 = 10Kohms
  • R6-7 = 3.3Kohms
  • R8-9 = 1.8Kohms
  • R10 = 270ohms
  • R11 = 22Kohms
  • C1-11 = 10uF 25V
  • C2 = 33pF ceramic
  • C3 = 2.2uF 63V MKT
  • C4 = 47nF 63V MKT
  • C5-7 = 4.7nF 63V MKT
  • C6 = 22nF 63V MKT
  • C8 = 1.2nF 63V MKT
  • C9-10 = 100nF 63V MKT
  • C12 = 47uF 25V
  • RV1-2 = 100Kohms Lin.
  • RV3 = 470Kohms Lin.
  • IC1 = TL072

Audio tone control circuit 3 bands above are drawn in a mono system, to make the stereo system is made then the circuit above two channels.

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