Audio VU Display Circuit

Monday, March 8th, 2021 - Audio

The Circuit audio VU display is an indicator of the audio signal to an amplifier or audio system like audio tone control. VU display audio circuits function is to display the audio signal level in the form of line-shaped LED display flame. Chain of audio VU display one of them using audio signal processing IC as a LED driver IC is often called the LED driver. Circuit audio VU display uses LED driver IC AN6884 type are easily available in the market. Audio signals for audio VU display circuits can be retrieved at the beginning of the output amplifier (pre amp), it is intended that the flame on a series of audio VU LED display is not affected by the volume potentiometer setting. And a complete range of audio VU circuits component list display can be seen in the following figure.

Audio VU Display Circuit

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The audio VU display circuit can display the audio signal level in 5 levels. The audio circuit VU display above can be operated with a +12 volt DC voltage source in circuits VCC line VU display. Function of VR 10 K on a series of audio VU display above is to regulate the intensity of the audio signal that can be displayed via the LED display on the VU display above the audio circuits. VU display circuit is fairly simple to make, and can be assembled using PCB hole directly. LED driver IC AN6884 on the VU display is a circuits audio ICs with 1 foot of row, thus simplifying the manufacture of circuits audio VU display with a PCB hole directly.

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