Automatic Emergency Lamp Circuit

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

This automatic emergency lamp circuits using 20 watt fluorescent light with a voltage source (backup) 6 volt dry battery 2 units. This emergency light circuit serves to provide emergency lighting when the main lighting (lamps with electricity sources) is off. This emergency light circuit will automatically turn on when the commercial power grid outages. Automatic emergency lighting circuits can be installed in the house on runag large enough, because the lights used are 20-watt fluorescent lamps. This automatic emergency lighting circuits fabricated using 6 volt inverter DC to AC 220 volts. A complete range of automatic emergency lights can be seen in the following figure.

Automatic Emergency Lamp circuit

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List of Automatic Emergency Lamp circuit components

  • R1, R4, R6, R8 = 1K ; R2 = 10R-1W ; R3 = 820R ; R5 = 10K ; R7 = 100R
  • C1 = 1000uF-25V ; C2 = 10uF-16V ; C3 = 0.01uF
  • D1, D2, D3, D4, D7 = 1N4007 ; D5,D8 = 1N4148 ; D6 = 6.2V Zener
  • Q1 = SL100 ; Q2 = 2N2222 ; Q3, Q4 = IRF840
  • IC1 = LM308 ; IC2 = NE555
  • S1 = SPST Switch
  • B1, B2 = 6V-4A Battery
  • TI = 220V AC Primary to 0V-6V 250mA
  •  T2 = 4.5V-0V-4.5V 5A Primary To 230V AC

Automatic emergency lighting circuits built on the following main sections.

Section 6 volt inverter DC to AC 220 volts, this section serves to convert the DC voltage source of 6 volt battery into AC voltage of 220 volts so it can be used to power a 20 watt fluorescent bulbs as emergency lighting. Inverter circuit 6 volt DC to 220 volt AC is built with a wave generator IC MOSFET IRF 555 and 840 as a power inverter.

Automatic battery charger circuit, this section serves to charge the batteries (6 volt dry accumulator 2 units) at the time of commercial power network there. And serves to drain DC voltage source (battery 6 volts) to a DC to AC inverter circuit during grid outages. This automatic battery charger circuit can charge up to full bater and battery charging process will stop automatically.

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