Bidirectional DC Motor Driver With 2 transistors

Friday, January 22nd, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Bidirectional DC motor driver with two transistor is a simple circuit to control a DC motor rotation. This DC motor driver circuit can control the direction of rotation of DC motor with only two transistors. Transistors are used to control a DC motor to spin two-way driver transistor is NPN and PNP. In a simple DC motor driver circuit of this transistor is used for transistor type TIP31 NPN transistor driver, and TIP32 as a PNP transistor driver. To control the direction of rotary motors, DC, this circuit requires a symmetrical voltage source (+6 V and-6V) and then controlled DC motor is connected to the output circuit and ground. Bidrictional DC motor driver circuit with two transistors in full, circuit can be seen in the figure below.

Circuit Of Bidirectional DC Motor Driver With 2 transistors

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The output circuit is a combination of the two emitter NPN and PNP transistors. Such configuration is intended to be a DC motor which is connected to ground can be supplied in two directions through the NPN and PNP transistors. Input for dc motor driver circuit is symmetrical with a DC voltage of 0.7 volts level of higher and lower than the ground.

To rotate the DC motor is fordward the given input voltage is 0.7 volts DC with level higher than the ground. Then to increase the rotation speed of the DC motor input level is increased until the motor rotation speed as you wish. At the time the motor rotates forward like this then TIP31 NPN transistor operating.

DC motor to rotate in reverse then the given input is 0.7 volts more negative than ground. And to increase the DC motor in reverse rotation then the input is made ​​more negative until the speed of a DC motor rotation is desired. In this condition TIP32 PNP transistor that works.

Hopefully bidirectional DC motor driver circuit with two transistors that simple can be useful for visitors and can be used as an ingredient to learn to control a DC motor rotary direction.

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