BiFET Stereo Tone Control

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 - Audio

BiFET Stereo Tone Control is a regulatory tone with good ability, and use the Op-Amp amplifier BiFET type TL074. Tone control has a 3 pieces setting the Bass tone, ringing tone Midle and Treble. BiFET Stereo Tone Control uses a filter system type baxandal 3 tone. Tone regulator features a very complete for the class of home audio because it has been equipped with a loudness control, volume control, balance control, bass, treble, Midle and deffeat button. Complete circuit for regulating the tone BiFET Stereo Tone Control and power supply are used for tone control can be seen in the figure below.

BiFET Stereo Tone Control Circuit

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Stereo Tone Control circuit above have been completed with the necessary power supply circuit for tone control. Function Keys Deffeat on BiFET Stereo Tone Control is to choose whether the tone control is used or not (bypass). This button often we need if we have another regulator such as an external tone equalizer. BiFET Stereo Tone Control is suitable for regulating the type of home stereo audio tone.

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