Circuit Transistor Tester

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021 - Electronic Tools

Circuit transistor tester is a fairly simple circuit tester. Transistor tester circuit shown below can be used to measure and know the pins and determine the condition of the transistor. In addition this circuit transistor tester can also find out what kind of transistors are measured. Transistor tester circuit is built with 2 transistor, an ampere meter, and some supporting components. Transitor Circuit tester can be operated using a DC voltage source from a 9V battery or power supply. J1 and J2 on the circuit transistor tester is a terminal for the transistor to be on the test. Transistor tester circuit in detail can be seen in the following figure.

Circuit Transistor Tester

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Circuit transistor tester is constructed of several parts:

Bias Control Transistor

Bias control transistor serves to regulate the transistor base bias in the test. To test the NPN transistor base bias controlled by R4 Q1 and D1. Then to test the PNP transistor base bias is controlled by Q2 R5 and D2. Transistor base bias control circuit is basically a set amount of voltage and current to the transistor base is tested.

Transistor Socket

Socket for the transistor is the transistor that will be put on test. J1 for NPN transistor and PNP transistor in J2.

Ampere Meter Transistor

Meter in the circuit transistor tester is an ampere meter to display functioning at the transistor collector current Ic and the current NPN transistor PNP emitter on the on the test.

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