Conection Strain Gauge/Load Cell to Bridge Amplifier FBDA

Sunday, January 31st, 2021 - Sensor/Tranducer

Description FBDA Modul

The FBDA is a signal conditioning module that amplifies the signals from full-bridge transducer sensors. This module is used in conjunction with a data acquisition module to monitor the voltages produced by Strain Gauges, Load Cells, Pressure Sensors, and other Full-Bridge Transducer Sensors. The FBDA module has a number of gain settings to accommodate a wide variety of sensor output voltages. In addition, the FBDA has an adjustable excitation voltage that is required by transducer sensors. The FBDA is pin compatible with B&B Electronics’ SDAXX, SPDA, and ADIO12 data acquisition modules.

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Connections Strain Gauge/Load Cell to Bridge Amplifier FBDA

The FBDA module requires two types of connections. The sensor, power supply and excitation voltage connections are made using terminal blocks. In order to read the voltage that the FBDA amplifies, an A/D converter is needed. An A/D converter is connected using a DB-25 (male) connector. This DB-25 (male) connector is pin compatible with most of B&B Electronics’ data acquisition modules, so you can simply plug the two modules together and the A/D connections are complete.

Features FBDA Modul

  • Conditions strain gauge, load cell, pressure sensor, and other Full-Bridge Transducer Sensor signals.
  • Gains of 25, 40, 80, and 220-1000.
  • Variable excitation voltage (0.5VDC to 11VDC) available.
  • 0 to 440mV Input Voltage Range.
  • 0V to 11V Output Voltage Range.
  • Pin compatible with B&B Electronics’ SDAXX and ADIO12 modules.

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