Creating a 100W Guitar Amplifier

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021 - Audio

To make a guitar amplifier is required three main parts, namely a series of pre-amplifier guitar, guitar power amplifier circuit and power supply. Guitar preamplifier serves to strengthen the signal from electric guitars to be processed reinforcement level, the signal tone bass, treble tones and tones Midle before passing to the power amplifier. Power amplifier circuit in this amplifier serves as the final amplifier with 100W capability. Power supply circuit function is to provide a voltage source to the circuit pre-amplifier and power amplifier circuit. Guitar amplifier to be made is the guitar amplifier with 100W power with the following block diagram.

Block Diagram Of 100W Guitar Amplifier

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This guitar amplifier circuit provides High and Low inputs are intended for the election of a strong signal to be processed, high for the signal from the guitar after passing through the processor (guitar effect) and low for a signal from an electric guitar without signal processing. To output lines are provided PRE-OUT lines and power in, where the path PRE-OUT function to give this guitar signal from the preamplifier to the power amplifier or external signal processing. And path PWR-IN serves as the input signal is amplified using a power amplifier like this guitar without signal processing. 100W guitar amplifier is mounted in a box has an internal speaker, and provided also the path to use the speakers is exsternal.

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