Crossover active 3 band

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 - Audio

Crossover active 3 band in this article are used to separate the bass tones, midrange and treble. Active Crossover can also be regarded as “tone control”, because both serve to separate the audio tone. The circuit shown in this article represents an active crossover that is using op-amp LF353. 3 band active crossover circuit was built using 4 pieces of Op-amp. Where the first op-amp in active crossover is the amplifier to function as initial and 3 subsequent op-amp functioning as an active filter with 3 different frequency range to separate the bass tone, the tone of the midrange and treble tones.

3 Band Active Crossover Circuit

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3 band active crossover circuit shown above picture is a series regulator of tone or tone controls that applied to the power amplifier 4 channel. A new crossover series on mono channels, if you want to use for live stereo system is made 1 more for each audio channel.

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