Crossover Active Subwoofer With LM741

Sunday, May 2nd, 2021 - Audio

Acoustically active crossover circuit there are several kinds, which we often encounter baxandal filters that can be used for low tones (bass) and high tones (treble). Active subwoofer crossover is an active filter that is set to a frequency range of low tones only (bass) so that the optimal acoustic filter results. The series active subwoofer crossover uses two LM741 op-amp unit is supplied with a symmetrical voltage source ± 15VDC circuit as shown in the picture below.

Active Subwoofer Crossover circuit with LM741

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The series active subwoofer crossover is set to a frequency above 20 – 100Hz, and the range of other frequencies in the exhaust. The components that determine the frequency of the subwoofer filter above is C1, C2 and P1. Then C3 serves to throw 10kHz frequency that is not required by the subwoofer crossover. LM741 op-amp in the circuit of an active crossover subwoofer amplifier summing over the set as flipping due to low tone acoustic system (subwoofer) channel bass tone is to combine the L and R channel audio track to obtain frequencies optimal bass tones.

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