Current Booster Circuit

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Current amplifier or booster is often called the current applied to the adapter or power supply with low power. The function of this circuit is to enhance the ability of the power supply or adapter to provide a larger current source. The circuit is made ​​with the main components of the transistor is mounted as a current booster of a positive voltage regulator.

Current Booster Circuit

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Components List Of Current Booster Circuit

  • R1 = 1R-2W
  • R2 = 10R-2W
  • C1 = 35V-470uF
  • C2 = 35V-470uF
  • Q1 = TIP2955
  • IC1 = 78xx Regulator

Current booster circuit is a technique of strengthening the flow of generally positive regulator LM78xx or regulator LM317 which is only capable of 1A maximum current drain. With the installation of a transistor as a current booster is then capable of a maximum flow in supply is appropriate transistor drain current maximum capacity.

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