DC Motor Driver 2 Direction With Relay And ULN2803

Saturday, April 10th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

The series of driver / drive DC motors in this article is DC motor driver that I use to create a prototype elevator 4 floors first microcontroller AT89C51. DC motor driver circuit used here serves as an interface between the microcontroller with the power circuit (motor). In addition to functioning as an interface circuit serves as a safety / isolation between power circuit with a microcontroller so that when there is damage to the power circuit, the microcontroller no damage. The main components forming a driver circuit IC ULN 2803 which is the Darlington transistors and relays. The composition of the driver circuit is shown in the following figure.

DC Motor Driver circuit Figure 2 Direction With Relay

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Diodes and capacitors are mounted parallel to the relay serves to eliminate or as a bypass of the effects of inductive load that comes from the relay so as not to affect the performance of the power supply circuit and does not damage the IC ULN2803 Darlington transistor. Relay serves to provide power supply to the motor in reverse and forward for the motor to rotate left and right and to isolate the motor power supply system with power supply control circuit (microcontroller).

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