DC Motor Driver 2 Direction

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

DC Motor Driver 2 Direction using the analog method in controlling the direction of play and the rotating speed DC motor. DC motor driver circuit is constructed using 2-way power driver transistor 2 pieces and control of an op-amp with sebuh tuning potentiometer. DC motor driver circuit requires two-way symmetrical voltage source to control a DC motor with 2-way swivel. A full suite of driver 2-way DC motor can be seen in the figure below.

DC Motor Driver circuit 2 Direction

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The working principle of a DC motor driver circuit 2 directions above can be described as follows. Potentiometer on the condition lever in the middle (center tap) then the op-am in a state of equilibrium (balance) so that the second base of the transistor did not get the bias voltage so that both transistors OFF and the DC motor will shut up.

At the lever potentiometer tends to a positive point of the base bias of Q1 and Q2 have not get a biased base so it will give the supply to the DC motor through Q1 and the DC motor will have a source of energy forward and rotates clockwise.

Then on the condition lever potentiometer on the DC motor drivers tend to a point above the negative then that would have biased Q2 and Q1 base did not get a DC bias so that the motor gets the energy source is a reverse bias of Q2 so that the DC motor will spin the opposite direction clockwise.

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