Digital Frequency Doubler

Friday, March 5th, 2021 - Digital

Digital frequency doubler circuit includes a simple and easy to understand. Doubler frequency digital circuit application contained in the system electronics such as audio-producing organ, or keyboard. The function of the digital frequency doubler for multiplying two input frequencies. The process of multiplying 2 on scales in an organ in principle is like a schematic circuit of digital frequency doubler. Example of rising to a ringing tone DO RE then electronically technique in it is by multiplying the two frequency bands such as the range of digital frequency doubler.

Circuit Of Digital Frequency Doubler

Digital Frequency Doubler

In principle the process of multiplying two frequencies with a range of frequencies is done by digital Doubler IC1A, IC1B and IC1C. Frequency multiplication process is to take a negative transition and the positive transition of the input signal by IC1C. Input frequency multiplication process is done by frequency of the signal was split into 2 pieces of each different phase (by IC1A and IC1B) then the output line and IC1B IC1A given to the input lines IC1C through the capacitor. The capacitor is what will acquire a negative transition and positive transition for the given input signal and on as if by IC1C. More details can be understood from the above diagram. IC1D serves to reverse the phase of the output circuit to match the input signal phase.

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