FM Radio With IC TDA7088T

Thursday, April 8th, 2021 - Radio Frequency

FM radio with IC TDA 7088T is an FM receiver circuit with a supply voltage that can be taken from 3 pieces of AA batteries. FM radio circuit with IC TDA7088T is quite simple and can be connected directly to a headphone. Tuning technique used in the circuit FM radio with IC TDA7088T  has been using digital scanning techniques that can be done by pressing the RUN button and Reset. Complete circuit  FM radio with IC TDA7088T can be seen in the figure below.

Circuit Of FM Radio With IC TDA7088T

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FM radio IC TDA7088T circuit above can be made ​​with a fairly low cost. IC TD7088T alone can we get a price in the range of $ 3 and then to the other components are passive components at an affordable price. FM radio with IC TDA7088T the above we can use as a handheld radio as it can be supplied with a voltage of 4.5 VDC which can be obtained with 3 pieces of AA batteries.

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