FM Radio With TDA 7000

Sunday, April 11th, 2021 - Radio Frequency

FM radio is built with a single chip (1 IC) one FM radio with IC TDA 7000. IC TDA 7000 is a single IC chip FM receivers that we can make choices to create a mono FM radio. FM radio circuit is a mono FM radio that can be directly attributed to the speaker 8 Ohm. FM radio circuit by IC TDA7000 is very simple and has used the method in the VCO tuning his radio reception. Complete circuit with IC TDA7000 FM radio can be seen in the figure below.

FM Radio With TDA 7000 Circuit

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FM radio circuit by IC TDA7000 above can supply with a DC voltage source of 2,7 – 10 VDC. In a series of FM radio over there with a value of 56nH coil L2, L2 loops in FM radio circuit above can be made by email cocer 4mm and 0.6 mm wire with 5 turns. FM radio circuit with IC TDA 7000 above is very simple so that it can be used as a reference for the trial assembly of the FM mono radio.

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