Frequency Generator 60 Hz

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 - Electronic Tools

Frequency generator 60 Hz  so we will need in making the inverter or devices connected to AC power network. Frequency generator circuit is quite simple and has high accuracy. Frequency generator circuit has an output pulse (square wave) with a precision frequency 60Hz. 60Hz frequency generator circuit was constructed with the main component of which is IC CD4060 IC Counter / Divider which can also be set for the oscillator. The series of pulses or frequency generator generating a full can be seen in the picture below.

The series of 60Hz Frequency Generator

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The series of 60Hz frequencies generator built using IC CD4060 and crystal as a tank circuit that has high accuracy as 60Hz frequency generator. In the circuit of 60Hz frequency generator can be provided with a supply voltage range of +9 Vdc to +5 Vdc. Series tank circuit at a 60 Hz frequency generator set by R1, VC1 and XTAL. VC1 at frequencies above the generator serves as a tuning to the proper frequency of pulses generated 60Hz.

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